Sultana's Turkish Night Belly Dance Show

Sultana's Turkish Night Show

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Sultana's Turkish Night Show with Dinner

Tour Itinerary

Day 1Turkish Night Show with Dinner

The Ottoman Palace life, customs and traditions in the Harem are explained and presented to you professionally on stage. Oriental belly dance and folklore dance performances accompanied by Turkish music creating a visual feast will captivate you. Sultana's has a limited capacity and intimate atmosphere. 


Sultana's Dinner and 1001 Night Show Restaurant is a cultural feast where you can enjoy traditional Turkish food and watch a historical show about the Harem. The Harem was in the Ottoman Palace where the Sultan had access to hundreds of beautiful women, all looked after by his mother, the Sultana. These gorgeous ladies were from all over the world, often stranded within Ottoman borders after wars broke out and a cultural mix occured.


We aim to demonstrate life at the Harem while you enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine at it's best.




Sultana's Restaurant presents you the most authentic and tasty Turkish cuisine you will ever find. We have a selection of meals including Meze's (appetisers) all served in our special way. 


Sultana's Restaurant has a warm atmosphere and original pieces of Turkish history, sending you back to the Ottoman times... 




You are presented with traditional Turkish folklore dance performances that will dazzle anyone.


Of course, no traditional Turkish show will be complete without a Belly Dancer. The most famous Belly Dancers of Turkey are here at Sultana's. 


If you want to be guaranteed a good night's entertainment you must visit Sultana's for the 1001 Nights experience! 


Live songs from all over the world .